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Air Force Security Police Association Meeting Pictures October 2003
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Security Forces Challenge Coins by Tim Waage, MSgt USAF Retired
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1605th Air Police/Security Police/65th Security Forces Sq. Lajes AFB Azores
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Im sorry the guest book is no longer available. My web site has deleted it and will not be supporting it. I have emailed them and begged them to givve me the back up files no avail. So in the mean time if you have comments please leave them in them in the forum section down at the bottom of the page and please email me @ twmackey@aol.com.
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Here is a great Air Police, Security Police, Security Forces Web Site




        Lest We Forget



I've embraced the cold mounds of earth, walked unyielding concrete, crawled muddy entrenchments...joined fire team members praying for deliverance ...endured personal inconvenience, exhaustion, and a frequently critical society


I’ve seen much time; peacetime, wartime, worktime, zulutime, and protected time...standing alone, I've chased shadows, feared death, nurtured the unknown, and recounted lost sunsets,


I've patrolled with rifle in hand and radio so cold.


I've have survived...to share a silent farewell and unwelcome tear as I folded a falling star into a field blue on a remote cemetery hill.

I have maintained solitary vigil. My comfort is the sight of our aircraft climbing into the heaven, the U.S. Flag waving proudly, and the ability to convey a "Sierra Hotel" to the sentinel assuming my position as a "Keeper of the peace"...

                     ....who never sleeps


I am a security policeman   


By David Liaguno, Col USAF (Ret)   


This Deparment of The Air Force Plaque is  Dated 1969



This Site is Dedicated to all Past, Present and Future Security Forces
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Air Force Security Force Members from Ellsworth AFB earn citations for Valor



How many Security Policeman remember this poster?


This poster is one of my prized possessions

I never had a portrait taken while I was in the service.  I thought I would have one  wearing the white hat and the beret.  I wore the white for the first four years of service.



I was in SAC from 1976-1979 and again from 1987-1991

Security Forces Airmen prevent attack on Iraqi base



If you would like to order one of these badges please click on picture it will take you to another link to e-mail MSgt Tim Waage, USAF Retired



"God and the policeman we all adore; in times of danger but not before. When the danger is over, and the wrong is righted, God is forgotten and the policeman slighted."
Unknown Author




This one of the prototype Air Police badges


This badge was on ebay then suddenly taken off.

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This site is all about my passion for collecting Air Force Air Police/Security Police and Security Forces Memorabilia. Here you'll find information about my collectibles I have acquired. 

If you are looking for something in particular, feel free to ask. Also, let me know if you have items to sell or trade.

I'll be updating this site frequently as I add to my collection, so check back often!


This picture was taken at Lackland AFB TX in the spring of 1988 while attending Law Enforcement Supervisors Course
I still have that course in the orginal binder

Second generation Air Police Shield,  second shield that I collected


The Porcelain Air Police Shield was replaced do to porcelain  chippinng


This is my old Military Customs Arm Band


Used at Little Rock and Fairchild Air Force Bases


Check out the Air Force Security Police Academy video 1980


This prayer was written by Col. Jerry Bullock


5072 Air Base Sq Galena Airport AK

I was the LE Superintendant at Galena Airport AK



From April 1986 to April 1987


I loved those 1505's

Security Police Qualification Badges


Master, Senior and Basic Qualification Badges

USAF Security Forces Memorial Power Point Right and save to hard drive

Memorial for Vietnam Veterans from the Children of our Fallen Vietnam Veterans

This leather name tag with embossed letters and the shield was first used when the blue SP jacket was first introduced. In the history link it says it was first used in the 90's in Desert Storm. I know I was wearing it in 1979 at Little Rock AFB on our blue jackets. I will almost say I was wearing it at Fairchild AFB in 1976-78. If any of you old timers can tell me the exact date send me an e-mail. Click on leather name tag and scroll down to just above the peace keeper staute.

Name tag was in use in the late 70's early 80's
Click on leather name

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